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Do you struggle at times with stress or anxiety? Perhaps you stress about exams or assignments, going to the dentist, speaking in public, flying, dealing with difficult colleagues or something else completely. These kinds of stresses are surprisingly common but can have a major impact on our well-being.

Perhaps you are more frustrated that you are not achieving what you want in life – that your goals seem out of reach or blocked by too many obstacles?

If so, you have come to a site that may well be able to help you.

This site has been developed to provide quality information on important developments in psychology and brain sciences which can be used to bring about powerful changes in all of our lives. This is a new and emerging form of self help which I call MIND BODY REPROGRAMMING or MBR because it enables you literally to reprogramme your mind in really helpful ways. Learning the basics of MBR is easy and brings immediate benefits and with practice and guidance it can be applied in more sophisticated and nuanced ways across different areas of life. MBR gives an exciting and effective approach for dealing with life’s challenges and difficulties, for enhancing wellbeing and achieving our life goals.

The site contains many resources, such as information on the background to MBR, what MBR is, articles of interest, MBR products and courses as well as a blog for sharing experiences with MBR and related issues. Be sure to subscribe to our enewsletter to stay up-to-date.

If you are interested in a private consultation for anxiety, stress or related issues, please click through to my clinical practice site: www.paxcentre.com.au

I’m really excited by the changes I’ve seen my clients experience with MBR and I sincerely hope you will explore the benefits it can bring into your life.




I was having great difficulty getting to sleep. My mind would go over and over events of the day and often worries or regrets about the past ... I used to have difficulty sleeping (even as a child). Now I can sleep whenever I wish.

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